Awards Banquet at the Convention....Northern District Rocks!

Our District Deputies won the annual expansion award!

The Northern District was represented well at Convention!

Twin power rules for the Northern States District!

Proud of the Northern States District!

The Northern States District came to The National Convention and showed out!!!!
Congratulations to both our Deputies Joseph Bradfield and Lena F. Young for winning the expansion of the year award.
Congratulations to Grand Lady Michelle Reed, Lady Bobbie Levy and Lady Stansberry for your accomplishments. Congratulations also to Lady Anita Bardo for Area Counselor of the year.
Congratulations to all the award winners of the Northern States District...
Northern District, this is result of ALL of our hard work and dedication within our local courts and councils and our work to improve and expand our great Northern District..
Northern States District... JOB WELL DONE!!!

~ Recording Secretary Tasha McShan - White

Another Day at the Conclave Mass!

Here is an image of members of the Supreme Assembly! Can you identify all these members?

KPC National Conclave and Convention in Dallas, Texas!

It looks hot there!

(Above and Below) Thursday Night Gospelfest.

Conclave meeting is about to begin!

Conclave Mass is in full swing!

Junior Knight Convention in June in St. Louis, Missouri!

Several of the Northern States District Officers are with the juniors and the local priest at the junior convention.
The National Treasure and Northern States District Deputy have a chat with the local priest.
The Northern States District is well represented at the Junior National Convention luncheon.
The National Treasurer and members of the Northern States District are preparing to enjoy a meal.

Final Pictures from the Sunday Conference Mass!

Above are the National Officers in attendance to the Northern States District Conference.
Below are the Sir Knights with the Bishop Perry. Notice who has the light shinning on them!

Claver Family Fun Day in Detroit, MI

The fourth year of Claver Family Fun Day was hosted by Immaculate Heart of Mary Unit 247. Clavers and members of the neighborhood had a good time!